If you have managed to make it out to a Texas Stars game this year, you likely have witnessed the delightful return of the Mathieu¬†Tousignant. Even if you aren’t a roster whiz, this kid is easy to spot with his trademark hockey smile (missing a tooth or two). Tousi, as he is affectionately referred to by fans, has been called a string of not so nice things by other teams. He is known as a pest, one of those mouthy players who knows how to get under the other guy’s skin, usually drawing a stupid penalty and giving the Texas Stars the man-advantage. We actually observed him talking to one of Peoria’s guys last night and commented on how it looked like they were laughing and joking, but what was actually being said was far from nice.

Last night someone at the Stars game told me about these shirts that a fan had made on Cafe Press and I wanted to share the link with you guys. It would be great to see these all over Cedar Park Center in support of our favorite chirper. I did not create these, nor do I get any sort of profit if you order one, just sharing something another fan did that I thought was cool. Rumor has it even Scott McCulloch now has his own Tousi shirt. Check it out on the Cafe Press sites here: http://bit.ly/Tousishirt (men) & http://bit.ly/Tousiwomenst (women).