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Last night after the Capitals/Stars game I was still reeling with excitement and decided to call it an early night since I planned to hit Stars practice in Frisco on Friday morning. I was also looking through a few goodies I had picked up for friends, namely the Dallas Stars Foundation calendar – a blatant attempt to convince my girl friends that they should check out hockey! I had planned to send a calendar to my friend Kris in Cincinnati since she would be getting a Dallas Stars tattoo soon and decided it would be cool to get the calendar autographed at practice as a surprise.

At some point as I lay there restlessly, I came up with a great idea to do something really special for Kris at practice. I had decided to take my Flip camera and make a video of some of the guys wishing her good luck on the tattoo. After practice I got a chance to chat with Mike Ribeiro first, who promised he would help out just as soon as he finished hitting the weights. A little later, I caught up with Trevor Daley and Andrew Raycroft, who both recorded funny little clips for my project. The next guy to come out was Steve Ott. He was with his father, so I was hesitant to ask, but thought…it’s Steve Ott…this project would not be complete without Otter!! You can imagine my surprise when Ott asked my friends name and said that he and Adam Burish had actually JUST recorded something for the Dallas Stars website for her!

I was so excited I’m pretty sure I high-fived Ott, knowing that my friend would be so happy the guys did a video for her. I thought about giving up my project, but considering the footage I got from Raycroft and Daley, decided to finish what I started. I wanted to wait until Dallas posted on their website so as not to take away from what they had done, but also wanted to share this video with Kris. Hope you enjoy it and thanks again to the Stars for being so cooperative and funny!




This year I have had the opportunity to meet some fabulous people via the online world – Twitter, Facebook and events planned and advertised through the use of social media. On October 28th, I went to Dallas to meet up for a girl’s hockey weekend to celebrate the birthday of one such friend named Kris. Despite the Stars loss to the Kings that Thursday (more on this later), the trip was tons of fun and Kris even got to get her Joe Nieuwendyk jersey signed after years of being a huge fan. At the beginning of the season this year, the Dallas Stars burst out of the gates with four straight wins. During this hot streak (and likely after a few glasses of wine), Kris said she would get a tattoo (her first!) if the Dallas Stars won 5 in a row. Alas, the Stars lost their fifth game of the year to the Tampa Bay Lightning and the streak was broken.

Fast forward to December 2nd. I had been waiting for months to see the matchup between my #1 team, the Dallas Stars and the Washington Capitals, the team I adopted living in DC from 2006-2010. I was lucky enough to have been sent a free ticket to the game by one of my Twitter followers and had been counting down the days forever! Early in the day I had heard that Stars coach Marc Crawford had announced that Andrew Raycroft had earned the start in the net for the Stars. Yikes! Kari Lehtonen had been on a hot streak, winning the last three straight and only allowing 4 goals total in the wins. I was nervous. Not to mention…the first thing I saw in the game notes when I got to American Airlines Center was the statistic that Kari Lehtonen had not lost a game in regulation at home since October 28th…yep, I remember…I was there.

The game got off to a shaky start for the Stars with the Capitals dominating the shots on goal battle. However, Raycroft was solid and stopped all 14 shots in the first period, making some amazing saves in the process. The Capitals seemed to be controlling the game in the first though and again, I was nervous. During the second, the Stars really started playing a trap defense that changed the momentum of the game in my opinion. Rather than hanging back and letting the Caps set up plays, the Stars were swarming and going after the puck before it even crossed the blue line, many times getting the takeaway and pushing the play back into their own offensive zone.

At 13:29 in the second, Mike Ribeiro scored what I thought might end up being the game winning goal. Both teams were fighting so hard, scrambling to make something happen and shots on goal were low and fairly even in the second with the Capitals leading 10-8. In the third period, the Capitals came out slinging again, logging another 14 shots on goal, but it wasn’t until halfway through the final period that one slipped past Raycroft. Mike Knuble scored off a sweet pass by Mike Green to even up the score. I feared overtime. I feared shootout. However, just 20 seconds later, Brandon Segal said, “Fear not…we got this,” and launched a long shot right past Caps goalie Michal Neuvirth to put the Stars up 2-1.

In the final minutes of the game came a very controversial call that disallowed a Capitals goal. I will say honestly that I was at the other end of the ice and with the bends in the glass, was not able to really see what happened, so I can not make a call. However, in reading all of the recaps, it appears that even the Capitals weren’t sure what happened except that they were robbed. At AAC, it was announced that the goal was disallowed because the player was in the crease. According to Russian Machine Never Breaks, the infraction was caused by Stephane Robidas skating into Raycroft. TPP says it was Karlis Skrastins. Others that were at the game said they thought Skrastins was already heading into Raycroft, but Ovechkin helped him along. Either way, I think it was ruled that Ovechkin is just a beast and his manhandling of our players made it appear to the officials that some sort of goalie interference occurred.

For the record, I wish this would not have happened. No matter the outcome, I hate for a game to be tainted by what is deemed bad officiating because it gives the losing teams an opportunity to say that they “would have won if.” Honestly, the Capitals would have won this game long before that call if they had played their game. Throughout the night they looked sloppy, missing passes, falling all over the place (Ovi!! I’m sure it was the ice) and just failing to take advantage of opportunities. The Stars may have looked rather scrappy last night, but they fought hard for this win and I don’t think you can take that away from them. Andrew Raycroft stepped in and played a near flawless game and was rewarded for it.

I also must say that Brad Richards deserves to be the MVP of this team. His puck-handling ability and calmness on the ice is amazing to watch in person and I sure hope the Dallas Stars do everything in their power to keep him in the Lone Star state. It is likely this team would fall apart without him.

So, the Stars win, albeit an ugly and controversial one. It was a fantastic game to see live and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do so. And Kris must get her tattoo!! Especially now that the Dallas Stars know about it since they re-tweeted her pledge yesterday! I certainly hope she makes a trip out of it and comes down to Texas for the big event. Congrats Stars and good luck Kris!!

I know I preach over and over that AHL fans need to move on when guys get traded to other teams, but I also like to keep tabs on guys I’ve seen play in Cedar Park. The AHL is a developmental league. NHL teams are looking at their affiliates for potential impact players at the next level. Players are also looking for an opportunity to make a jump. Here are some updates on former Texas Stars players from around the league:

*Mathieu Beaudoin (Phoenix Coyotes/SA Rampage) – Currently ranked 8th in overall points in the AHL. Beaudoin has 7 points and 7 assists through 12 games in San Antonio with the Rampage. Beaudoin has a plus-1 rating.

*Garrett Stafford (Phoenix Coyotes/SA Rampage) – Stafford has 3 goals and 8 assists in 11 games played with a plus-2 rating. Stafford was scratched in the contest in Cedar Park earlier this season.

*Matt Climie (Phoenix Coyotes/SA Rampage) – Matt Climie is currently on a 5-game winning streak, having allowed just 7 goals with a 1.37 GAA and a .958% over that stretch. However, he started in net during the 2 early season losses to his former team, the Texas Stars, allowing 7 goals against.

*Andrew Hutchinson (Pittsburgh Penguins/Wilkes-Barre Penguins) – Hutch is the only former Stars player that has spent significant time with his new NHL squad, as he was called up for 5 games to fill roster holes left by injured Pens defensemen. He did have an assist during his time with Pittsburgh, but had a minus-3 rating. The Wilkes-Barre Pens look like the team to beat this season as they are now 9-0 on the season. For Wilkes-Barre, Hutchinson has logged 2 goals and 5 assists.

*Warren Peters (Minnesota Wild/Houston Aeros) – Peters is still a menace on the ice this year for the Aeros, constantly stirring up trouble with other teams, but not making a big impact on the scoreboard. In 11 games he has 1 goal, 2 assists and 14 penalty minutes.

*Ethan Graham (Charlotte Checkers) – Graham has played 4 games with the Checkers and logged 1 assist.

*Dan Jancevski (Philadelphia Flyers/Adirondack Phantoms) – Jancevski has the misfortune of playing on one of the worst teams in the AHL. Phantoms have a 2-9 record on the season and have already dismissed one player because of attitude problems, as well as warned two others. Jancevski wore the ‘C’ in one of the preseason games for the Phantoms. He has one assist.

Other random notes on Stars’ prospects/guys that have been in camp with Dallas or Texas (I know there are a ton more…these are just guys that have some good/interesting stats):

*Jack Campbell (Windsor Spitfires/OHL) – Campbell was signed to a 3-year entry-level deal this past week by the Dallas Stars. Campbell has played for 738 minutes in 13 games for the Spitfires and has faced 396 shots. The Spitfires weak defense has not done Campbell any favors this year and his stats show it. Campbell has a 3.82 GAA and a save percentage of .881.

*Tyler Beskorowany (Idaho Steelheads) – Besko logged his first career shutout for the Steelheads opener against Victoria this season. He has played in 8 games and is 3-3-1-1 with a 2.49 GAA and a .922 save percentage.

*Cody Lampl (Idaho Steelheads/ECHL) – Lampl has 5 assists for the Steelheads this year, almost halfway to the number of assists he had in the entire season (12) last year. Lampl also has a plus-1 rating. Random fun fact? Cody was the first Idaho-grown player to sign with the Steelheads.

*Tyler Ludwig (Idaho Steelheads/ECHL) – Ludwig also has 5 assists for the Steelheads…big downside? He also has a minus-4 rating..

*Nino Musitelli (Allen Americans/CHL) – Musitelli is leading the team with 12 points (6 goals, 6 assists)

*Colton Yellow Horn (Allen Americans/CHL) – Yellow Horn has 11 points for Allen (3 goals, 8 assists)

*Scott Glennie (Brandon Wheat Kings/WHL) – Glennie has 2 goals and 13 assists in 16 games in his 4th season with the Wheat Kings.

Mikey Mo returns to Dallas…I cry.

Driving into Dallas yesterday afternoon, I could swear my arm hairs were standing on end – just seeing the city skyline gave me goosebumps. It had been nine years since I was at American Airlines Center to see the Stars and what a night to come back. Mike Modano would be returning to the city and the arena that was his home for so many years, but he would be suited up for one of the Dallas Stars most hated rivals – the Detroit Red Wings.

Stepping into American Airlines Center, I was surprised to see so much red. I always knew the Wings were one of the Stars biggest rivals, but had no idea how many Red Wings fans showed up to Dallas when their team played. Of course, there were tons of Zetterberg and Datsyuk jerseys, but it wasn’t until I saw a #90 Modano jersey that it really hit me. Mikey Mo was no longer a Dallas Star after almost 20 years with the organization. Like many other hockey fans, Mike Modano was one of the reasons I started watching. In the late 90s the Stars were electric and seeing guys like Modano and Nieuwendyk remain a part of the organization for so long was really inspiring. Being there really took me back to a time when I first fell in love with hockey…the days when the “eagle” Eddie Belfour guarded the net for the Stars..days when the team won the Stanley Cup.

The opening video for the Stars however was a look at the future. With Mike Modano playing on the other side of the ice and Marty Turco up in Chicago, the Stars were a new team.  When the opening notes of Jay-Z and Rihanna’s “Run this Town” started playing and the images of the Stars players around the city of Dallas flashed across the screen, a new kind of chill ran through me. This was one of hope, of promise of uncertainty for the future. This was a team that, although it has a very capable captain in Brendan Morrow, looks to each other for success. From top to bottom of the roster, I feel like these players draw on each other’s experience and work to find ways to exploit the areas where each excels. And this is the kind of team that wins.

Of course when they put Mike up on the big screen with a “Thank you Mike,” and the crowd went to their feet, I could not help but hold back tears. Tears of joy? Sadness? I am not sure, but I was certainly overcome with emotion. Seeing his face and the emotions he was experiencing was just incredible. Mike Modano is one of the reasons I fell in love with the great sport of hockey and the Dallas Stars. This moment was more than worth the price of my ticket.

Dallas went on to win the game 4-1. When the Wings scored their first goal of the night, I got chills again when the crowd started chanting, “It just doesn’t matter.” Despite the love everyone felt for Modano, this night was really about the team, the future, these Stars. The win over the Red Wings put Dallas at 3-0 for the season..somewhere many thought they had no chance to be this year. While the Stars did lose their first game Monday night, they have already accomplished more than many believed they could. I have a feeling the Dallas Stars will continue to surprise people this year.