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I know I preach over and over that AHL fans need to move on when guys get traded to other teams, but I also like to keep tabs on guys I’ve seen play in Cedar Park. The AHL is a developmental league. NHL teams are looking at their affiliates for potential impact players at the next level. Players are also looking for an opportunity to make a jump. Here are some updates on former Texas Stars players from around the league:

*Mathieu Beaudoin (Phoenix Coyotes/SA Rampage) – Currently ranked 8th in overall points in the AHL. Beaudoin has 7 points and 7 assists through 12 games in San Antonio with the Rampage. Beaudoin has a plus-1 rating.

*Garrett Stafford (Phoenix Coyotes/SA Rampage) – Stafford has 3 goals and 8 assists in 11 games played with a plus-2 rating. Stafford was scratched in the contest in Cedar Park earlier this season.

*Matt Climie (Phoenix Coyotes/SA Rampage) – Matt Climie is currently on a 5-game winning streak, having allowed just 7 goals with a 1.37 GAA and a .958% over that stretch. However, he started in net during the 2 early season losses to his former team, the Texas Stars, allowing 7 goals against.

*Andrew Hutchinson (Pittsburgh Penguins/Wilkes-Barre Penguins) – Hutch is the only former Stars player that has spent significant time with his new NHL squad, as he was called up for 5 games to fill roster holes left by injured Pens defensemen. He did have an assist during his time with Pittsburgh, but had a minus-3 rating. The Wilkes-Barre Pens look like the team to beat this season as they are now 9-0 on the season. For Wilkes-Barre, Hutchinson has logged 2 goals and 5 assists.

*Warren Peters (Minnesota Wild/Houston Aeros) – Peters is still a menace on the ice this year for the Aeros, constantly stirring up trouble with other teams, but not making a big impact on the scoreboard. In 11 games he has 1 goal, 2 assists and 14 penalty minutes.

*Ethan Graham (Charlotte Checkers) – Graham has played 4 games with the Checkers and logged 1 assist.

*Dan Jancevski (Philadelphia Flyers/Adirondack Phantoms) – Jancevski has the misfortune of playing on one of the worst teams in the AHL. Phantoms have a 2-9 record on the season and have already dismissed one player because of attitude problems, as well as warned two others. Jancevski wore the ‘C’ in one of the preseason games for the Phantoms. He has one assist.

Other random notes on Stars’ prospects/guys that have been in camp with Dallas or Texas (I know there are a ton more…these are just guys that have some good/interesting stats):

*Jack Campbell (Windsor Spitfires/OHL) – Campbell was signed to a 3-year entry-level deal this past week by the Dallas Stars. Campbell has played for 738 minutes in 13 games for the Spitfires and has faced 396 shots. The Spitfires weak defense has not done Campbell any favors this year and his stats show it. Campbell has a 3.82 GAA and a save percentage of .881.

*Tyler Beskorowany (Idaho Steelheads) – Besko logged his first career shutout for the Steelheads opener against Victoria this season. He has played in 8 games and is 3-3-1-1 with a 2.49 GAA and a .922 save percentage.

*Cody Lampl (Idaho Steelheads/ECHL) – Lampl has 5 assists for the Steelheads this year, almost halfway to the number of assists he had in the entire season (12) last year. Lampl also has a plus-1 rating. Random fun fact? Cody was the first Idaho-grown player to sign with the Steelheads.

*Tyler Ludwig (Idaho Steelheads/ECHL) – Ludwig also has 5 assists for the Steelheads…big downside? He also has a minus-4 rating..

*Nino Musitelli (Allen Americans/CHL) – Musitelli is leading the team with 12 points (6 goals, 6 assists)

*Colton Yellow Horn (Allen Americans/CHL) – Yellow Horn has 11 points for Allen (3 goals, 8 assists)

*Scott Glennie (Brandon Wheat Kings/WHL) – Glennie has 2 goals and 13 assists in 16 games in his 4th season with the Wheat Kings.


What would Tousi say?

If you have managed to make it out to a Texas Stars game this year, you likely have witnessed the delightful return of the Mathieu Tousignant. Even if you aren’t a roster whiz, this kid is easy to spot with his trademark hockey smile (missing a tooth or two). Tousi, as he is affectionately referred to by fans, has been called a string of not so nice things by other teams. He is known as a pest, one of those mouthy players who knows how to get under the other guy’s skin, usually drawing a stupid penalty and giving the Texas Stars the man-advantage. We actually observed him talking to one of Peoria’s guys last night and commented on how it looked like they were laughing and joking, but what was actually being said was far from nice.

Last night someone at the Stars game told me about these shirts that a fan had made on Cafe Press and I wanted to share the link with you guys. It would be great to see these all over Cedar Park Center in support of our favorite chirper. I did not create these, nor do I get any sort of profit if you order one, just sharing something another fan did that I thought was cool. Rumor has it even Scott McCulloch now has his own Tousi shirt. Check it out on the Cafe Press sites here: http://bit.ly/Tousishirt (men) & http://bit.ly/Tousiwomenst (women).

Texas Stars game meet up planned!!

So I’ve gotten my awesome ticket rep, Chris O’Brien to put together a group for us to attend the Texas Stars home game on Friday, October 22nd at 7:30 pm. If any of you are able to make it up to Cedar Park earlier, we typically happy hour at Buffalo Wild Wings, located at Hwy 1431 & Hwy 183A.   The Stars began their season on the road this year with a 3-0 win over rival San Antonio Rampage and they will be facing the Lake Erie Monsters on the 22nd.  The block of seats is limited but will be luxury seats in Section 101 & 102, which are right next to each other on the end where the Texas Stars shoot twice.  My regular seats are slightly lower in this section, but you can get a good idea from the photo of me here where the seats are in relation to the ice. Fun times for sure!!

The normal price of these seats is $20, but we are getting them at a group rate of less than $16.00. You can purchase them online via the Ticketmaster link here, just use the promo code DANN. If you have any issues, you can contact Chris directly at 512-600-5008.  Seats are limited and must be purchased by October 21st.  Please comment here once you have purchased tickets so I can keep tabs on the size of our group, as there is a chance it can be expanded if necessary. Also, if you are coming from downtown Austin, please feel free to use the comments section below to arrange carpools. I KNOW Cedar Park is far, but it is not so bad if you ride with a friend!!

**Also, forgot to mention that every Friday night at Cedar Park Center is 3-2-1 night!!! $3 domestic 12 oz draft beers, $2 regular sodas and $1 hot dogs. Also, the Texas Stars just launched their new merchandise website at http://texasstarsgear.com so get yourself geared up before Friday!!

While I am sure the recent personalization of my Texas Stars jersey is going to land me on Puck Daddy‘s Jersey Fouls post, I can honestly say I am very happy with the way it turned out. I bought my Texas Stars jersey last spring when I moved back to Austin after a four-year stint in our nation’s capital. Hungry for hockey after falling in LOVE with the Washington Capitals, I returned to my roots and decided to check out the Dallas Stars’ American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate in Austin…the Texas Stars. Having never watched AHL hockey, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that the game is just as exciting as watching the big club. Some of these players bounce back and forth between the AHL and NHL clubs and often are traded around to fill in gaps on the parent clubs rosters throughout the season.

For this reason, it’s very hard to remain “player loyal” in the AHL.  I feel terrible for the merchandise team as they are constantly struggling to figure out who the “hot” player of the moment is, often only to fill t-shirt orders just in time to see a player traded or called up to the big club. The Texas Stars don’t sell their jerseys with numbers or names on them for this reason. Personalization is not cheap and jerseys have to be shipped off to Frisco to be embroidered, but fans are permitted to customize a jersey pretty much however they wish.

During last season’s Calder Cup run, I had a few favorite players for the Stars – forwards #14  Jamie Benn (who I KNEW would be headed back to Dallas this fall), #11 Aaron Gagnon (who I figured had a decent shot with the big club), #27 Greg Rallo (who I hoped would be back, but knew was on a one-year deal with Texas) and goalie #33 Matt Climie (who I would have placed bets would be gone Day 1 of free agency after the stellar playoff run he had). I was hesitant to commit to a number/player’s name for my jersey because I didn’t want it to be outdated in less than a year and honestly wanted it as a memory of our storybook first season in the AHL.

So, the solution? Make it mean something to me. The spring of 2010 was when I first started covering Texas Stars hockey forExaminer.com. Many will argue that Examiner is not a legitimate news outlet and honestly, I can’t say that I truly disagree. I don’t have an Editor, I don’t get assignments, and I don’t have deadlines. However, I write in the journalistic style of a major news outlet and I believe I give the Texas Stars some of the best coverage out there. Rather than simply regurgitating press releases, I write my own stories and look for my own twists on things. As a result of this coverage and my connection to social media, I was able to connect with agent Scott Norton of Norton Sports via Twitter, who represented Matt Climie of the Texas Stars. Climie was about to face a difficult free agency period and I wanted to do a profile piece on him.  Norton was nice enough to hook up this rookie journalist with an interview and as a result, I wrote one of my best pieces to date. So that is why the #33 – first ever exclusive interview and true turning point for me where I knew that there was no option for me but a career in sports.

As for the name, I didn’t want to do Climie for two reasons. First, there are enough female Texas Stars fans who swoon over him I was afraid I’d totally give the wrong impression. Remember, I’m not a puck bunny!! Second, I knew he would be gone as soon as free agency started. Instead, I decided to go with the name that now almost 1,000 Twitter followers and hundreds of readers at Examiner.com know me by: TXSTARSGIRL. It’s the end of my bit.ly link and my Twitter handle and I knew that no matter what I went on to do in sports, this was always going to be the true beginning.

So what does the future hold for me? I still don’t know. I have applied for several jobs around the NHL and AHL, but still haven’t landed the perfect one. I’m holding out for a sales/marketing/PR type job and have realized that I just don’t want to settle. In the meantime, I am still bartending at Third Base downtown and writing. I’ve picked up a couple of new mostly unpaid writing gigs, which I’ll be talking more about soon. They will be added to my “Blog Roll” here as well in time. Thanks to all of you that read…I have really enjoyed connecting with new fans and friends this year.

That was my working title for the latest article I wrote following my exclusive interview with Texas Stars’ goalie Matt Climie last week.  I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Climie last week before he headed out of Austin for the summer to visit friends and family across the country and had a ton of great audio to sort through so it made writing the article extremely difficult.  Honestly going into the interview, I had heard that he was rather arrogant in person and was somewhat nervous about meeting him because I wasn’t sure how I would handle the experience if that was the case.  I actually found myself looking for reasons that anyone would say that about him though because he was nothing but pure awesome the entire meeting…Extremely humble and polite.  It was easy to see that the guy just wants to play hockey and takes the game very seriously.

Since my article was already like 900 words, I had a lot of other random Matt Climie quotes and facts I wanted to share that didn’t quite fit in, so I figured I’d give you fans a few of them here.  Like I said, after spending an hour with the guy you can’t help but like him and hope he succeeds.

  • Matt is the youngest of six children.  He has two older sisters and three older brothers.
  • He has a degree in education and planned to be a teacher if hockey didn’t work out.  I joked that he must have just been looking for a job where he gets summers off…he does love the summer.
  • Matt went to school in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, for four years and loves the lake. However, the winters were so brutal the school had tunnels from the dorms to the academic buildings.
  • According to Matt, Austin is his favorite city he’s lived in so far.  He is really laid back and felt it was easy to adapt to Austin. Funny thing though, he hasn’t really developed a love for Tex-Mex food…but he does enjoy a good mexican martini..with salt of course, just no fancy martini glass necessary (I concur).
  • You may have noticed that he breaks a lot of goalie sticks.  When asked what that was all about, he laughed and said, “Just the stick’s not good anymore? I don’t know.  As a goaltender, we do go through a lot of sticks. We’re fortunate enough to be able to use a new one every so many games.  So at that point, a lot of times I can look at a stick and maybe if I had a couple of bad games with it or a loss or two with it is was no good and I’d take it out on the stick.”
  • Speaking of his gear…only one question (out of four pages of them!) that he even hesitated to answer…when asked if he has any superstitions, he initially joked and said, “No comment,” but then admitted that he messes with and checks his gear a lot…nervous twitch if you will..says he has his best games when he feels confident with his gear.

I will definitely be looking forward to seeing where Matt Climie ends up when the free agency period begins on Thursday, July 1st.  It was a pleasure watching him play during the Calder Cup playoffs this year and I wish him the best of luck in his career (hopefully with the Dallas Stars next year)!