D’Ann Faught was raised in small-town Texas where the population pretty much lived and breathed Texas football. A Dallas Cowboys (of couse, I’m a Texan) and St. Louis Cardinals (because they were red) fan from shortly after birth, D’Ann credits her love of football for her full academic scholarship to The University of Texas at Austin.  She was lucky enough to interview for the Terry Foundation scholarship with legendary Texas football coach, Darrell K. Royal, who asked her one question, “When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?” D’Ann was honest and admitted that her dream was to play football in the NFL, but since that didn’t work out, she was going to go to college at UT instead.

After obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies, D’Ann worked for about a year for a sports agent (yes, like Jerry Maguire) that represented 13 NFL clients.  While her technical job was “intern,” when dealing with clients, teams and press, she assumed the role of “Director of Player Marketing and Development.” While it was an exciting job, due to some changes in the agency, D’Ann moved on to a career in real estate in 2003.  However, in 2010 after an unfortunate skydiving accident that left her sidelined with a broken ankle for several months, she started reflecting on life and her career and realized she really missed the sports world.

D’Ann adopted the sport of hockey in high school, honestly as a result of cute boys that watched and played the sport. However, when a college boyfriend bought her sixth row tickets to a Dallas Stars/LA Kings game in 2001, she fell in love with the game.  The obsession grew exponentially when D’Ann lived in Washington DC from 2006-2010 and saw the Washington Capitals go from almost paying to get fans at games (her first job in DC was doing promotions for an independent contractor of the Caps – handing out Alex Ovechkin coins at metro stops and practically begging people to take them!) to selling standing room only seats for the Stanley Cup playoffs at $100 a piece. After experiencing that hockey madness first-hand, she was hooked.

In the spring of 2010, D’Ann started writing for Examiner.com, covering the Texas Stars AHL hockey team.  She also maintains a Twitter account @txstarsgirl and a YouTube page where she posts interviews with players and coaches. D’Ann is currently seeking a job in the sports industry. In a perfect world, she would be working in the sales/marketing department for a professional team or an agency that specializes in athlete representation. While playing a media role this season has been interesting, D’Ann has always been drawn to the challenge of sales positions and would be an asset to any team or agency.