I really thought this jersey curse thing was funny the first couple of weeks. And even when I used it to my advantage – when I wore my Texans jersey and the Cowboys beat the Texans and when I wore my Chargers jersey and I jumped ahead in my Pick ‘Em Pool by choosing the Rams in the upset. But now, this is just getting ridiculous. 7 weeks, 7 jersey curses. To be fair, I must mention that the week the Cowboys played the Titans, I wore my Titans jersey only briefly and did not work that Sunday, so the curse was not in effect. However, every Sunday I have worn a jersey to work at Third Base, that team has lost. Sorry Cincy, I love my Shipley jersey and he had a great week! But the curse still prevailed.

FALCONS over BENGALS – Early in this game it looked like the Bengals were finished, but they rallied and were able to get close to winning this one. I’ve said all year that Cincinnati has one of the best receiving trios in the league and this week Carson Palmer had time to prove it. Shipley, TO and Ocho all got a touchdown each and Shipley had his first big game with 131 yards! Unfortunately for the Bengals, Roddy White carried the receiving load all by himself for the Falcons, Michael Turner had it going on the ground…and Cedric Benson still fumbles.

RAVENS over BILLS – This game made me want to throw things at the TV. The Bills shot out to a 21 point lead and then somehow the Ravens were able to score 24 unanswered points. Elite defense? Ravens got 505 yards past them…by the Bills. Granted the defense had two interceptions and Ray Lewis stepped up in OT and stripped the ball which led to a game-winning field goal for the birds, but the Ravens will not be going to the Super Bowl with performances like that. Fitzpatrick looks like he is finding his groove with his receivers. Aside from the two inceptions, he had a good game with 374 yards and 4 touchdowns. Fantasy owners across the US are scrambling to pick him up and hoping this week wasn’t a fluke.

STEELERS over DOLPHINS – This was another game that made me want to throw things…Really Dolphins? And really officials? No evidence as to who recovered the ball? Wow…Fins should have won this one. Tough battle on both sides of the ball and Henne didn’t even throw a pick.

CHIEFS over JAGUARS – KC is trying to prove to people that they are the real deal and their running game sure tells a story. Over 200 yards on Sunday and 3 touchdowns…Chiefs are getting it done on the ground. Jags were already behind the eight-ball as another team on their third quarterback and Todd Bouman actually held it together for 3 quarters, but after a pick on an attempted pass to Johnson, it seemed as though the Jaguars just fell apart.

COLTS over SAINTS – I would love to say this was a great story in which Colt McCoy triumphed and led his team to an amazing win over last year’s Super Bowl champs, but it really wasn’t. Drew Brees had an incredibly off day and threw four picks, which just killed the Saints. McCoy only passed for 74 yards and Hillis ran for a touchdown, but it was the Cleveland defense that really showed up to play on Sunday.

REDSKINS over BEARS – Poor Chicago fans. Other than the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup last year, it seems as they are most often disappointed by their sports teams. This week Jay Cutler passed a lot…to Redskins DeAngelo Hall. Hall had a banner day and picked off Cutler 4 times. Redskins offense was also wholly unimpressive with McNabb also getting picked twice. Ugly win for the Skins.

PANTHERS over 49ers – Good on the Panthers for getting their first win of the season. Not a bad return for Moore – 308 yards, 2 touchdowns, only one interception. 49ers are going to have to make some adjustments and hope that Alex Smith gets healthy soon.

BUCCANEERS over RAMS – I heard someone say after this win that the Bucs were one of the teams to beat. I will have to respectfully disagree. You are not a “team to beat” when over half of your total points are from field goals. Teams to beat know how to find the end zone. Josh Freeman is doing a good job leading the 4th quarter comeback though..this is his 5th 4th quarter rally of 7 victories.

TITANS over EAGLES – Kenny Britt was benched during the first quarter after a bar fight earlier in the week, but he came out in the second and had a career day, catching 3 touchdown passes from Kerry Collins. Maybe the secret to getting guys to perform is to sit them for a quarter..make them prove something? It worked for Braylon Edwards earlier in the season and now it has worked for Britt. Kevin Kolb and the Eagles were just flat on offense on Sunday and never really managed to get anything going…gotta keep those QB controversy fires burning!

SEAHAWKS over CARDINALS – Seahawks top the NFC West and do it by scoring five field goals against the Cardinals. That is certainly something to be proud of…yikes. You know who is looking super smart right now? Anquan Boldin who is at the Ravens, who caught a ridiculous touchdown pass this weekend. Definitely a good career move in hindsight.

PATRIOTS over CHARGERS – Wow..the Chargers continue to be the team that has all the tools to win and somehow can’t win games. The Patriots say they are going to be fine without Randy Moss, but I don’t know that I believe it. The Chargers should have won this game, but made a couple of blunders that cost them. Thankfully for my fantasy team, Philip Rivers continues to put up the big numbers despite the Chargers loss.

RAIDERS over BRONCOS – I was watching this game at Third Base with a guy who was a Raiders fan and I am not even sure he could believe it. Raiders put up the most points ever in the franchise’s 50-year history. Broncos defense apparently took the day off and let Oakland run all over the field. Jason Campbell played like a quarterback who had Gradkowski breathing down his neck and the Raiders just killed the Broncos. Unbelievable.

PACKERS over VIKINGS – File this one under “Who cares?” for me. A lot was made pre-game about Favre returning to Green Bay…he hasn’t been there in years now. If fans are still holding onto the glory days of the Brett Favre years at Lambeau they need to move on already. The team that won this game had the least interceptions..that is about it – Rodgers was picked off twice to Favre’s 3 interceptions. Childress was furious with the bad officiating but the league office said on Monday that if he would have challenged the Packers touchdown in the 2nd quarter by Quarless it would have been overturned. As a coach you have to make those calls.

GIANTS over COWBOYS –  How close this game was is a testament to how bad the Giants really are. Eli Manning is not a good quarterback. You can tell me all day long that he has a Super Bowl ring but that does not matter. Giants won that Super Bowl with defense and on the ground. Tony Romo is likely out for at least six weeks with a broken collarbone, but before the injury, the Cowboys were playing well. Funniest comment I heard, “I didn’t know Tony Romo played defense.” Because when he went off the field, so apparently did the rest of the team mentally. The sharp execution they had of the defense in the first was all but gone for awhile. Cowboys fans better start hoping for a new coach and a high draft pick…let’s lose the remainder of the games for the season. Seriously doubt that Jon Kitna will be able to turn this team around.