Jerry Jones came out AGAIN this week after a disappointing loss to Minnesota and said that Wade Phillips job was safe for the remainder of the season. Does the man every think that if you have to keep making this statement that maybe it shouldn’t be?

VIKINGS over COWBOYS – One of the announcers after the game said it was a great game played by both teams. I would have to disagree. This was more like a game of which team was the least awful. Both quarterbacks failed to impress and Dallas gets another stupid penalty for touchdown celebration. Although I’m a big fan of the Hook ‘Em and Roy Williams, why don’t we save the celebrating for after a game we actually win? On that note, I did hear that the Cowboys have decided to ban all touchdown celebrations for the rest of the season. Perhaps this is a step in the right direction, discipline-wise.

RAMS over CHARGERS – I won my Pick ‘Em pool this week because of this upset pick. Thank you jersey curse (still going strong six weeks into the season)! Chargers prove they definitely need Antonio Gates to win games and also that stats don’t always tell a story. The Chargers are ranked 1st in the NFL in offense and second in defense, yet their record is 2-4? Just does not seem logical.

PATRIOTS over RAVENS – Hard-fought AFC battle here…worst moment of the game? Being at a sports bar when one of the managers switched the television (during overtime!) to the 3 pm game. Major FAIL. While the Ravens defense was able to intercept Tom Brady twice, Deion Branch was able to step in the hole left by Randy Moss and the team was better for it. Wes Welker manages to talk smack on Randy Moss without actually talking smack and the Patriots machine rolls on. There is something to be said for a team without guys that act like stars and just play football. On a random note, Tom Brady needs to just cut his hair. Perhaps he’s hoping to take Troy Polomalu’s spot in the Head & Shoulder’s commercials?

STEELERS over BROWNS – Biggest success of this game? Colt McCoy is still alive and not injured. I think everyone was terrified for the rookie starting in Pittsburgh against one of the NFL’s toughest defenses this week. The fact that two of Cleveland’s quarterbacks are out with injuries says one can’t rely on the Brown’s O-Line to protect him. But the Longhorn QB survived, managed to throw for 281 yards and his first NFL touchdown. Pretty sure any NFL team would have been smart to pair up McCoy and Shipley but I think Colt definitely showed some promise in an awful situation on Sunday.

DOLPHINS over PACKERS – This was another pick that wasn’t popular in my Pick ‘Em league this week, but I went for it. After being embarrassed by the Pats at home last week I didn’t think the Dolphins would let this one get away from them. I am sure if the Packers defense were healthy this would have been a different game, but the Fins pulled it together and managed to squeak out an OT win.

TEXANS over CHIEFS – This was probably my favorite game of the week. Two teams stringing together some impressive offense and battling for the win. Both quarterbacks were solid, the running games were consistent and the defense stepped up and made a few plays here and there. This was almost one of those games where whoever had the ball last won.

GIANTS over LIONS – Lions are another team now on their third QB..sigh. Poor Detroit. Seems like they just can’t catch a break. Although they did have a big win last week, this Sunday was more familiar territory as the Giants flustered them and turnovers cost them the game. Steve Smith and Mario Manningham continue to make Eli look good, but it was the Giants running game that really stood out…Bradshaw had the yards, Jacobs had the TDs. My fantasy team thanks him.

EAGLES over FALCONS – I honestly think this “quarterback controversy” is making Philly a better team. Kolb came out this week and threw for over 300 yards and 3 TDs and is doing his best to make it difficult for Vick to win back the starting job coming off of injury. Even without DeSean Jackson (who went out after a ridiculous run-in with Falcon’s Dunta Robinson), Jeremy Maclin stepped up and scored 2 TDs.

SEAHAWKS over BEARS – Seahawks proved you really don’t have to be that great of a football team as long as you can get to the Bears’ quarterback and stop Matt Forte. Cutler was sacked 6 times by the ‘Hawks and Forte was held to just 11 yards. Seahawks played tough and even took out the Bears’ punter. Ugly win, but they got the job done.

SAINTS over BUCS – Why there is the Drew Brees that fantasy owners know and love!! Even with lots of offensive injuries, it looks like Brees has finally found a rhythm with guys that are filling those spots and the Saints just might be fine this season. What many were calling Super Bowl hangover might have just been getting to know a new team as that is essentially what Brees had to do after Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas were sidelined with injuries.

JETS over BRONCOS – Not to sound like a broken record, but I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The Jets are good. LT proves once again that he’s still a running back to be reckoned with and the Jets’ D is strong. Mark Sanchez still needs to get better as a quarterback and learn how to put the ball in the end zone, but this team is one that will go far. Aside from a Monday night loss to the Ravens, the Jets are winning games.

49ers over RAIDERS – 49ers get their first win!! Hooray!! After flashes of brilliance in their win last week, Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell showed why the Redskins mercilessly got rid of him this year. This game really left me wondering if the Raiders would ever be good. They have certainly had a string of quarterback mishaps and just general awful-ness. On the flip side, Alex Smith finally connected with Michael Crabtree and made the Niners offense look decent for a game.

COLTS over REDSKINS – Peyton Manning returned to form Sunday night and won a tough game for the Colts. The Redskins certainly had opportunities with three Colts turnovers in the second half, but weren’t able to put away the win. On the plus side for the Skins, Ryan Torain attempted to end Clinton Portis’s career in DC (does anyone else besides me think this is a good thing?) by putting up a 100 yard rushing game, complete with 2 touchdowns.

TITANS over JAGUARS – Don’t blame Vince’s injury on me…I wasn’t wearing the jersey!! Since I wasn’t, Titans win and Chris Johnson and the defense run all over the Jags. Random note…no one ever really talks about Titans tight end Bo Scaife, but he’s solid in that position. Was at Texas and is certainly one of his quarterback’s favorite targets. Hasn’t put up huge numbers, but has been a great option there for some yards. Hook ‘Em.