So this week I got distracted by a sport I don’t really even follow – baseball!! I went to watch the Texas Rangers game last night and honestly, I’ve been swept up in the magic that is playoff baseball. Never really had a dog in the fight so to speak, but guess I’m a Rangers fan by default since I love all of the other Dallas teams (except the Mavs ’cause I’m a Spurs fan)!! Not to mention, this past weekend was the Texas Stars opening weekend as well! I did get to catch a little NFL action though and watched my dreadful Cowboys lose to the Tennessee Titans…we’ll start with that one.

TITANS over COWBOYS – Does anyone else remember this same conversation with Jerry Jones we had last year? “Wade Phillips’ job is safe.” Why?!?! This team has extremely talented players on both sides of the ball, but lacks discipline.  I read somewhere this week that ESPN’s John Clayton said “Too bad there isn’t a penalty for excessive underachievement. The Cowboys would be flagged.” I’d like a do-over on the start to this season please. On the flip side, gotta be happy for my boy VY. He seems like he is finally getting more comfortable in the pocket and of course he’s always got the option to scramble. 2 TDS and no interceptions this week – congrats Vince! And good on you for throwing the “Hook ‘Em” sign in Dallas.

JAGUARS over BILLS – Two wins in a row for Jax?!  Kinda feel like David Gerrard’s got his groove back, even though he lacks options at receiver.  Gerrard was able to connect with Marcedes Lewis for two touchdowns though and the lowly Bills drop to 0-5. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…Bills needed a lot more than a QB change to turn this season around.

RAVENS over BRONCOS – This game was a lot closer than a lot of Ravens faithful thought it would be. Broncos’ QB Kyle Orton logged his 4th consecutive game with over 300 yards, but costly penalties and turnovers, combined with a Ravens running attack led by Ray Rice led to the Broncos defeat. Interesting to note that Joe Flacco had no touchdowns in the game.

COLTS over CHIEFS – Indy redeems itself after last week’s loss to Jacksonville and the Chiefs are no longer unbeaten. Honestly I’m glad the Chiefs lost one…the team wasn’t good enough to be 5-0 in my opinion and I was tired of hearing analysts talking about their unbeaten season. Peyton Manning appears to be in a funk the last few games though (sorry for you fantasy owners); he did not have one touchdown in this game, had an interception, but still threw for 244 yards.

REDSKINS over PACKERS – As a Cowboys fan, I hate, hate, hate that the Redskins are atop the NFC East right now. Things would only be worse if it were the Eagles, but either way…seeing the maroon and gold leading the East is awful and even worse now that Chris Cooley is not on my fantasy team thanks to a completely bunk trade.  The Packers defense is beaten up right now and Aaron Rodgers isn’t really doing much to hold his offense together. A last minute interception by LaRon Landry is what set up the game-winning field goal.

LIONS over RAMS – The Detroit Lions have spent this whole season being “this close” to winning a game, but have come up short each week. Against the Rams on Sunday afternoon, the Lions weren’t about to let that happen again. Shaun Hill came out swinging and threw for 3 touchdowns this week. Who woulda thought that Shaun Hill would be a killer fantasy QB this week?! Bradford is finally showing a few kinks in his armor after an injury to his favorite WR target Mark Clayton. It’s 1:44 am and OU still sucks.

BEARS over PANTHERS – I must be tired…reading that last paragraph and starting this one, the saying, “Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” jumped into my head..haha. Well, the Bears came back this week and took their team to 4-1. Actually, let me rephrase that..the Carolina Panthers are awful and Julius Peppers stuffed his former team’s quarterback with a ridiculously acrobatic interception.  The Bears are thanking Matt Forte for the win Sunday despite FOUR Todd Collins interceptions…Looks like Jay Cutler should be back this week. I am sure the team is relieved.

BUCCANEERS over BENGALS – Oh Carson Palmer. Get ready to experience the wrath of T.O. and OchoCinco. We all know what happens when these receivers are unhappy with their quarterbacks. I have a feeling Palmer is on a short leash and another game like Sunday is going to lead to a Bengals breakdown. 3 interceptions when you have this many talented guys on a team does not look good. However, the receivers need to take some of the blame on this one as well. Palmer had three balls dropped by wide-open receivers on third down opportunities and 2 of his 3 interceptions were in the hands of his receivers. I think the Bucs just might surprise a few people this year.

FALCONS over BROWNS – I’m torn about this Cleveland Browns team. It looks like due to injuries to both Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace that Longhorn Colt McCoy will get his first NFL start this weekend. Great that he is getting an opportunity, but honestly, could it have been against anyone but the Steelers?! Praying for Colt..this will not be easy. Roddy White gets the game ball again this week after a 45 yard touchdown pass from Matt Ryan and the Falcons are 4-1.

GIANTS over TEXANS – Giants defense how I love thee. You have kept me in my fantasy league and taken me to third place in the league after I tried unsuccessfully to quit.  New York completely shut down Arion Foster and the Texans running game and flustered Matt Schaub with 3 sacks, an interception and 2 forced fumbles. Even the return of Brian Cushing to the Texans couldn’t put enough pressure on Eli Manning and the Giants. Despite two interceptions, Manning threw for 297 yards and 3 touchdowns to lead the Giants to victory.

CARDINALS over SAINTS – Without Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas the New Orleans Saints are falling apart. Drew Brees isn’t even putting up big numbers like last year because he doesn’t have a balanced offense like he did before. Arizona tried something new at quarterback, starting Max Hall (who?!?!) but he was less than effective in the game. The credit for the Cardinals win definitely goes to the defense as the team scored off an interception and a fumble.

RAIDERS over CHARGERS – Chalk this one up to another team who can put up the big stats but can’t win games. A big shout out to Phillip Rivers – my fantasy team thanks you! – unfortunately even 431 yards and 2 touchdowns can not keep the Chargers from losing.  Michael Huff (hook ’em) actually got to Rivers as he was leading a late drive, forcing a fumble and returning for a touchdown. Good on Jason Campbell coming in and leading the Raiders to two touchdown drives. I still believe that if the team shows faith in him he could be a better quarterback than he ever was with the Skins.

EAGLES over 49ers – The 49ers are like the Saints of two years ago..close, but no cigar. They have lost SO many games now that are separated by just a few points. Alex Smith had perhaps the most bi-polar game of any quarterback this week – flashes of brilliance after a tongue lashing by coach Mike Singletary, but also costly mistakes. Gotta be hard on the ego when the San Fran fans start chanting “We want Carr!” Kevin Kolb looked good in his return to the Eagles…expect this to be the quarterback controversy that lasts all season…Eagles are lucky they have got options.

JETS over VIKINGS – Without going into an extremely long rant about why I hate Brett Favre, Randy Moss and therefore the Vikings, I will just say I am very happy with the result of this game. The more the Jets keep winning, the closer I am to collecting on my $100 bet that they make the playoffs and the more Brett Favre keeps losing, the closer he is to retiring. The beginning of this game was SUPER BORING…field goal, field goal, field goal, field goal. Then Favre found some magic and tried to make it a game for awhile, but then he returned to his interception-throwing-self and the Jets capitalized and held on to the win. A little worrisome for the Jets though that Sanchez and company can’t seem to find the end zone.

A side note: some might say the jersey curse was broken this week, but I am not so sure. I wore my Vince Young jersey from 11 am until 2:30 pm and then again from the third quarter until the end of the game.  Texas Stars hockey opened their season in San Antonio on Sunday afternoon and I was at the game, wearing my Stars jersey. Not only did I not have my jersey on the entire game, but I wasn’t working at Third Base on Sunday. Stay tuned…I’m going with Phillip Rivers (crossing my fingers this does not kill my fantasy team) on Sunday and Vince Young on Monday night.