Welcome to October!! The only month I can support pink in the sport of football (Jessica Simpson and her pink #9 Romo jersey can stay away)! It was great to see the guys out there this weekend supporting breast cancer awareness and rocking the hot pink shoes, gloves, wristbands and skull caps. Cowboys had a bye this week and yes, unfortunately the jersey curse lives on! I wore my brand new Jordan Shipley Bengals jersey this weekend…Bengals lose to the Browns and Jordan Shipley is the victim of a nasty hit that sidelined him with a concussion. Call your bookie or go to Vegas – Cowboys play the Titans next week, Vince Young jersey it is.

JETS over BILLS – No surprises here. The Bills are still struggling and the Jets defense looks good even with Revis out with a hamstring injury. Mark Sanchez looked good in the victory, but Sunday was all about the ground game. Shonn Green had 117 yards and LaDainian Tomlinson finally had his coming out party for the Jets – 133 rushing yards, 22 receiving yards and 2 TDs. Go LT.

RAVENS over STEELERS – Tough matchup of the week – two strong defenses and an AFC rivalry like no other. Neither offense was particularly impressive in the victory, both QBs had an interception, mediocre statistics. Both teams ground out the running game and honestly, this game could have gone either way.

BRONCOS over TITANS – Well, the Broncos did what was necessary to squash the Titans – shut down Chris Johnson. Fantasy owners everywhere cringed as Johnson only racked up 53 yards and no TDs this week. The Titans managed a strong defensive game with 6 sacks and an interception, but Kyle Orton threw for 353 yards and a kickoff blunder by Marc Mariani (who previously had a 98 yard return for a touchdown) put the Broncos ahead to win the game.

PACKERS over LIONS – If the Lions could have done a better job of scoring touchdowns rather than four consecutive Jason Hansen field goals, they would have won this game. Aaron Rodgers and Shaun Hill both had two interceptions in the game, but otherwise put up good numbers – 3 touchdowns/181 yards for Rodgers, 2 touchdowns/331 yards for Hill. The Lions fall to 0-4 for the season. Coach Jim Shwartz was quoted as saying, “This team doesn’t need me to stand up here and say how close we are. I think it’s obvious to anybody that watches our game, anybody that follows us, the people in the locker room, everyone else. It’s our job to get over the hump. We’re right on it, we just can’t get over the hump.” Close is only good in horseshoes Jim, not football.

FALCONS over 49ers – The 49ers are another 0-4 team that seems close to their first win, but they didn’t get it Sunday against the Falcons. While the offense on both sides of the ball really couldn’t get it together it was WR Roddy White that made a game-changing play on defense. After the 49ers Nate Clements intercepted Matt Ryan’s pass late in the fourth quarter, White chased him toward the end zone and knocked the ball out, forcing a fumble and keeping the drive alive.

SAINTS over PANTHERS – If the story last week was that kickers suck this year, this week a few people definitely managed to turn that around. Saints re-signed 46-year old John Carney and he knocked three field goals through the uprights this week to give the Saints the win. I was quite amused at the number of people in the bar Sunday that were crying over the fact that Garrett Hartley was their kicker and obviously was replaced. Come on people, watch the news, make pickups accordingly. I’m pretty sure no one drafted John Carney this year. Saints offense is still looking a little sluggish, but they managed to get it done.

RAMS over SEAHAWKS – Oh Seahawks. Last week they were riding high after their victory over the Chargers, but this week it looked like last week was a fluke. The Rams trounced them 20-3 and Sam Bradford once again looked like the quarterback the Rams paid the big bucks. Steven Jackson also played with a groin injury and proved to doubters that there is no crying in football.

JAGUARS over COLTS – Who would have thought the Colts and Jags would both be 2-2 at this point in the season? Likely not Peyton Manning. This one was an offensive battle that capped off with one of the best celebrations I have ever seen by a kicker. Josh Scobee went absolutely nuts after nailing a 59-yarder for the victory. Another one of those statements by the kicker this week that said “We don’t suck.” On a side note, David Gerrard also didn’t suck this week – 2 receiving touchdowns and one rushing.

TEXANS over RAIDERS – I’m not sure why Arion Foster was benched at the first of this game (dude, whatever you did to make coach mad, just stop), but he sure came back and tried to convince the Texans it was a mistake. Foster is having a breakout year so far and is adding another dimension to Matt Schaub’s air attack.

CHARGERS over CARDINALS – Oh boy do I love having Philip Rivers as my fantasy quarterback. Consistency is key and the Chargers ROLLED over the Cardinals Sunday afternoon. Rivers had 241 yards and 2 touchdowns and Antonio Gates again showed Vincent Jackson that he is the team’s top receiver…even though he’s a tight end. Gates caught two touchdown passes and logged his 500th career reception. The Cardinals? Yeah they are just awful.

BROWNS over BENGALS – Gotta blame this one on the jersey curse. Terrell Owens had a career day with 222 yards and one touchdown, Carson Palmer had 371 yards and two touchdowns and the Browns had a costly penalty. However, the Browns were determined to win this one and fate was determined to continue the curse. Jordan Shipley was also sidelined with a concussion as a result of what Palmer and Owens would later characterize as a “cheap shot” by rookie safety T.J. Ward.

GIANTS over BEARS – Ugh. This was an ugly game, ugly win for the Giants, but you have got to give it up for the Giants defense. They racked up 10 sacks and an interception – poor Jay Cutler.

PATRIOTS over DOLPHINS – The first half of this game was what I expected – a tough battle between two balanced teams in what I think is the best division in the NFL right now. The second half? Not so much. The Pats special teams ran away with this one – a blocked punt, a blocked field goal and a kickoff return for a touchdown led to the second half slaughter of the Dolphins.