Yes, I realize I’m a day later than last week and I’m sure you were all waiting on pins and needles for my post…talk to Third Base – they scheduled me a double yesterday. Either way, now you get a bonus write-up of Monday night’s game as well. I will start off this post by saying that the “jersey curse” is still holding strong. For the last three weeks of football, the team whose jersey I have worn to work has lost. Case in point:

1. Week 1 Sunday – DeMarcus Ware – Dallas Cowboys – Cowboys lose to Redskins, DeMarcus Ware gets a stinger in his neck.

2. Week 1 Monday – Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers – Chargers lose to Chiefs, Rivers has a breakdown on the field.

3. Week 2 Sunday – Vince Young – Tennessee Titans – Titans lose to Steelers, Young gets benched.

4. Week 3 Sunday – Houston Texans (You better believe I did this on purpose!) – Texans LOSE to Cowboys!!!!

So yes, jersey curse lives on and I am a happy girl because my Cowboys finally showed up to play some football on Sunday.

COWBOYS over TEXANS – This game at least got me an edge in my pick ’em league. Not many had faith that the ‘Boys would beat the Texans who looked strong in weeks 1 & 2. I had a feeling it was time for the team to show up. And show up they did. 4 sacks (2 by my fave DeMarcus Ware), and some explosive offense, including a coming out party (FINALLY!) for former Longhorn Roy Williams. This is the Cowboys team that experts were predicting to go to the Super Bowl…let’s hope they stick around for awhile.

TITANS over GIANTS – The Titans don’t ask a lot of Vince Young when they are playing their game, just not to make errors – Chris Johnson runs and the defense forces turnovers. That is exactly the game they played Sunday and it worked. Giants were an absolute mess with three turnovers, two missed field goals and five personal fouls. Coughlin has got to get his team under control if they want to turn this season around.

BENGALS over PANTHERS – Despite the lopsided score, this was definitely not a pretty game for the Bengals. Palmer had two interceptions and Benson a fumble for the winning team, but Clausen just could not get it together for the Panthers, committing four turnovers himself. Of note in this game, Cincinnati has a trio of great receivers. For the third week in a row, Jordan Shipley has been hanging right with the second receiver, be it Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens in stats. This week he had 3 catches for 37 yards, including a long of 22 (3  more yards than Ochocinco).

STEELERS over BUCCANEERS – The Steelers are way better than many thought they would be without their starting or even backup quarterback. In his first start in three years, 35-year old Charlie Batch took the black and gold to a romping over the Bucs this week. Batch had 186 yards and 3 touchdowns and actually made the Steelers look like more than just a great defensive team. I just don’t think the Steelers can win another Super Bowl though…Seven-burgh just doesn’t have quite the same ring.

PATRIOTS over BILLS – The Bills were hoping for a spark by switching up their quarterback this week and they definitely got it. The change was not enough to best the Pats, but Ryan Fitzpatrick had a pretty darn good game. This one was a shootout that I think the Bills might have won were it not for a few costly errors and the fact that they couldn’t convert in the red zone and had to settle for field goals on three first-half possessions. Looks like the Bills liked what they saw Sunday though, as they cut Trent Edwards yesterday.

CHIEFS over 49ers – Alright, alright. I said last week I still wasn’t sold on Matt Cassel and he looked great this week. Surprisingly, the Chiefs are now 3-0 and Cassel is leading the team to their success; this week with 3 touchdowns, including an awesome fake play and a 45-yard bomb to Dwayne Bowe, who my fantasy team thanks for finally showing up this season. 49ers just could not get it together offensively and as a result fired their offensive coordinator on Monday.

RAVENS over BROWNS – Joe Flacco came out and hushed the Ravens doubters, returning to form with 3 touchdowns to Ravens off-season pick up Anquan Boldin. Boldin proved the Cardinals were crazy for letting him go and the Ravens offense made up for their slacking defense who let Browns’ Peyton Hillis to have a career rushing day, didn’t force a turnover and allowed their first touchdown of the season.

VIKINGS over LIONS – Brett Favre really needs to retire…again. He is looking less and less like he can keep up with the pace of the game. Despite the win on Sunday, he looked awful, throwing two interceptions and taking several hard hits. Star running back Adrian Peterson carried the Vikes on his shoulders with a little help from a defense that held Lions’ Jahvid Best to only 26 yards.

FALCONS over SAINTS – Saints fans now know how Cowboys fans felt in Week 1 – You think you have a win, but then, NO! That blocked field goal didn’t count because your coach called a time out. This is one instance where trying to ice the kicker really backfired on the Saints. I’m wondering if all of the good kickers went off to play soccer or something. It seems a lot of good teams that have had historically consistent kickers (see Raiders later) have been having big issues this year. Kickers can win or lose games for you. I think some of them need to start practicing. Both of these teams definitely came out gun-slinging on Sunday and Brees and Ryan looked sharp. The Saints running game was lacking though and certainly had analysts kicking around the words “Super Bowl hangover” on Sunday night. My take? They are still 2-1 and this was far from a blowout.

RAMS over REDSKINS – Oh boy. Skins faithful are turning on McNabb already…didn’t see that one coming. Despite their highest rushing numbers of the season, the Skins had problems converting on third down and their defense wasn’t strong enough to stop the Rams, even without Steven Jackson. Lots of people saying Sam Bradford is the next Peyton Manning after this one. It’s going to take a lot more than a win over the Skins to impress me. He put up decent numbers this week, but face it, the guys from OU, I’m not convinced..yet. #Hookem

EAGLES over JAGUARS – Michael Vick for MVP?! The talk has already begun. Hold on guys, it’s week 3…and the Eagles beat the Jags..Really? Yes, Vick looked great this week and made Andy Reid look like a genius for making him the starter, but let’s see a real test before we start anointing Vick “the great one” this season. However, this is definitely the Michael Vick that I was really excited about coming out of VTech. Say what you will about his choices off the field, the guy is a baller.

COLTS over BRONCOS – Peyton. Peyton. Peyton. All day long. Even though Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton had a career-best day, it wasn’t enough to stop the rolling offense of Manning and company (insert whatever receiver shows up here). The Colts defense stopped the Broncos touchdown attempts five times in the red zone.

CARDINALS over RAIDERS – Ugh. Janikowski killed the Raiders in this game with three missed field goals. Is he getting too old or did he just go out and party too hard last night? Get it together kicker. The Raiders need all the help they can get. Neither team looked really good on offense, but Gradkowski threw for more than double the yards Anderson did, giving the Raiders a chance to win it.

SEAHAWKS over CHARGERS – I’m definitely never wearing my Philip Rivers jersey again. The kid threw for 455 yards on Sunday – unbelievable. However, Leon Washington had an amazing day with two monster kickoff returns putting the Seahawks up over the Chargers to end it.

JETS over DOLPHINS – My pick for game of the week this week. Great Sunday night game, although Miami’s bright orange unis were blinding. Explosive offense, with some amazing catches by Braylon Edwards and Brandon Marshall; some key defensive plays and solid quarterbacking by both Sanchez and Henne made this an exciting one to watch. Still my pick for toughest division of the year right here.

BEARS over PACKERS – I will be honest on this one. Was absolutely rooting for the Pack to win this one until I was exposed to some of the loudest, most obnoxious Packers fans ever last night. Everything the ref called was wrong apparently and the Packers should have definitely won that game. I saw it differently. The Packers played sloppy, their awesome defense led by Clay Matthews played ugly and their offense was far from sharp last night. The Bears are now the only 3-0 team in the NFC and are making their hometown Chicago proud. Hopefully they can avoid the Chicago curse and not let those fans down in a couple of weeks, but we shall see.