I was planning to do this post last week as well, but honestly was so bummed about the Cowboys debacle of a game on Sunday night that I had to put the post on hold. After the Cowboys second loss yesterday, I have resigned myself to the fact that it just might not be our year and the show must go on. So here goes….my quickie wrap-up of the NFL week 2.

PACKERS over BILLS – Don’t think this outcome was a surprise to anyone. Aaron Rodgers is starting to really come into his own and look like the QB that is the reason the Pack let Favre go to the Jets. The Packers D is also looking really strong and I expect them to have a solid season if Clay Matthews Jr. and company can stay healthy. The Bills? Oh, the Bills..I hope no one really thought T.O. would be the answer for them last year. They still need a lot more athletes to become contenders. Today they announced that Fitzpatrick would be their starter for next weeks game against the Patriots.

DOLPHINS over VIKINGS – I personally loved this game. If you know me, you know my opinion of Brett Favre and how I think he should have just hung up his sneakers with Green Bay. All hatred aside for the Vikes, I have always had a soft spot for the Dolphins. Maybe it’s their far-from-intimidating teal and orange team colors, or the fact that they have my favorite dread-locked running back? Either way, it was good to see them win this one and I don’t think the Pats and Jets will have this division locked up as tight as some may think.

CHIEFS over BROWNS – Just barely. After the Chiefs’ Monday night performance last week, I think everyone expected more. I’m still not sold on Cassel as a premier quarterback.

BEARS over COWBOYS – Wow. Just wow. I am a fan and always have been, but I really want to know what anyone was thinking picking the Dallas Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl this year. It looks like they just can not get it together on offense this season and they clearly still have big problems at kicker (can we pick up a soccer player?). On the flip side, glad to see that Jay Cutler got to have a coming out party this weekend with 3 touchdowns. I think he’s a better quarterback than he’s looked since he has been with the Bears. Cowboys need to make some changes quick to salvage the season – next week at the Texans would be a good time to start that comeback.

FALCONS over CARDINALS – Who would have thought that getting rid of Matt Leinhart would have made the Cardinals worse? Kidding aside, Anderson is no Kurt Warner, Fitzgerald is still not looking 100% and the Falcons just ran all over the Cards defense. Even with injuries to their top backs, Atlanta’s Jason Snelling came in and got the job done for the Falcons. Pick him up for your fantasy league if someone hasn’t already scooped the guy.

BUCCANEERS over PANTHERS – Lots of talk about concussions this week. Matt Moore started for the Panthers, but was benched in the 4th quarter in favor of rookie Jimmy Clausen. Panthers made a lot of errors and the Bucs capitalized on their opportunities. Nice start for Tampa Bay.

EAGLES over LIONS – Oh how I love a good quarterback controversy!! Despite the fact that Kevin Kolb has been named the starter, Michael Vick showed this week that he can lead this Eagles team to victory. In my opinion, Kolb has failed to really impress and Vick’s stats do show signs of the talent everyone knew he had coming out of college. It will be interesting to see how this quarterback battle plays out over the season. In other news, the Lions, even without Stafford, are no longer awful.

BENGALS over RAVENS – Despite the fact that the Bengals have arguably one of the best 3-receiver groups in the league (and yes, I do count Shipley among that trio – he had only 2 yards less than Ochocinco this week), this game was all about defense. Ravens errors led to this Bengals win, specifically four interceptions by Joe Flacco…ouch. Even the Flacco faithful are calling for Marc Bulger to get a chance at the helm.

STEELERS over TITANS – Another game won by the defense. The Steelers managed to pull this victory off even without the help of their backup-starting quarterback Dennis Dixon. Biggest misstep in this game in my opinion though? Pulling Vince Young in favor of Kerry Collins. Vince is known for his ability to come back from tough games and to me this just showed that the team still does not have faith in him as their starter. Collins did not fare better, as his first series was ended by an interception.

BRONCOS over SEAHAWKS – This was not the Tim Tebow show…Kyle Orton all day long over the Seahawks. There is a reason the Broncos picked him up from the Bears. If he keeps playing like this, I doubt we will see as much of Tebow as we will his #1 selling (STILL!!) NFL jersey.

TEXANS over REDSKINS – This was definitely my pick for game of the week. Not only was I happy to see a division rival lose, it is good to see the Texans finally getting it together. I feel like the franchise has had so many things go wrong – pretty face David Carr never lived up to expectations behind a horrible offensive line, the team was severely criticized for their draft pick of Mario Williams (who has turned out to be an excellent pickup), sigh. And FINALLY icing the kicker worked! Go Texans..but please lose next week.

JETS over PATRIOTS – Although Randy Moss won the “I’m justifying my high-dollar contract” battle over Darrelle Revis in this one (that one-handed catch = cha-ching!), the Jets came out on top and Mark Sanchez started looking like the quarterback the Jets thought he was when they drafted him. Hoping this 3 touchdown outing shows the Ravens defense is just that good last week, rather than the Jets offense is awful.

CHARGERS over JETS – Hooray Philip Rivers! My fantasy quarterback had the kind of day he needs to have every week, racking up 3 touchdowns and 334 passing yards. Ryan Mathews is still not looking like the first-round draft pick the Chargers wanted, as he left the game early with a leg injury and also fumbled for his second straight week. Antonio Gates is still proving that with a great tight end you don’t need a big receiver (Vincent Jackson, you paying attention?).  On the other hand, the Jags are just BAD. Garrard was picked off four times by three different defensemen…ugh.

COLTS over GIANTS – Peyton is the better Manning quarterback.  The end.

Tonight’s game is Saints vs 49ers and I’m in San Francisco!! How did I miss this fact?!?! Oh, I’m wearing a Saints t-shirt and watching the game with a bunch of 49ers fans tonight apparently. Hilarity ensues.