I love NFL football. The weekly anticipation for games, the trash talk, the fantasy leagues, but most of all, I love me some Pick ‘Em. Just straight-up, win/loss record, no points or goofy rankings.  Simply, “Do you know your stuff?”  Of course, the thrill of the season always has some upsets and stunners, but that’s what makes it exciting.  So, how well do you trust your instincts?  Enough to beat me?  If you think you have what it takes, join my Pick ‘Em League.  It is $20 to play – all fees must be paid in person or via PayPal (jdfaught@gmail.com) by September 15th to be eligible for the cash prizes.  First pick must be made one hour prior to Thursday night’s kickoff in New Orleans.  Sign up here. The password is: texasstars