That was my working title for the latest article I wrote following my exclusive interview with Texas Stars’ goalie Matt Climie last week.  I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Climie last week before he headed out of Austin for the summer to visit friends and family across the country and had a ton of great audio to sort through so it made writing the article extremely difficult.  Honestly going into the interview, I had heard that he was rather arrogant in person and was somewhat nervous about meeting him because I wasn’t sure how I would handle the experience if that was the case.  I actually found myself looking for reasons that anyone would say that about him though because he was nothing but pure awesome the entire meeting…Extremely humble and polite.  It was easy to see that the guy just wants to play hockey and takes the game very seriously.

Since my article was already like 900 words, I had a lot of other random Matt Climie quotes and facts I wanted to share that didn’t quite fit in, so I figured I’d give you fans a few of them here.  Like I said, after spending an hour with the guy you can’t help but like him and hope he succeeds.

  • Matt is the youngest of six children.  He has two older sisters and three older brothers.
  • He has a degree in education and planned to be a teacher if hockey didn’t work out.  I joked that he must have just been looking for a job where he gets summers off…he does love the summer.
  • Matt went to school in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, for four years and loves the lake. However, the winters were so brutal the school had tunnels from the dorms to the academic buildings.
  • According to Matt, Austin is his favorite city he’s lived in so far.  He is really laid back and felt it was easy to adapt to Austin. Funny thing though, he hasn’t really developed a love for Tex-Mex food…but he does enjoy a good mexican martini..with salt of course, just no fancy martini glass necessary (I concur).
  • You may have noticed that he breaks a lot of goalie sticks.  When asked what that was all about, he laughed and said, “Just the stick’s not good anymore? I don’t know.  As a goaltender, we do go through a lot of sticks. We’re fortunate enough to be able to use a new one every so many games.  So at that point, a lot of times I can look at a stick and maybe if I had a couple of bad games with it or a loss or two with it is was no good and I’d take it out on the stick.”
  • Speaking of his gear…only one question (out of four pages of them!) that he even hesitated to answer…when asked if he has any superstitions, he initially joked and said, “No comment,” but then admitted that he messes with and checks his gear a lot…nervous twitch if you will..says he has his best games when he feels confident with his gear.

I will definitely be looking forward to seeing where Matt Climie ends up when the free agency period begins on Thursday, July 1st.  It was a pleasure watching him play during the Calder Cup playoffs this year and I wish him the best of luck in his career (hopefully with the Dallas Stars next year)!